Renovation Project Tour – Yishun

Our very first renovation tour for 2015 yesterday, January 10, has taken off on a very positive note as we were flooded with interest from the public with almost a hundred people joining us! It was an exciting way for all homeowners to have a look at one of our recent completed renovation projects and judge our workmanship, design and layout planning!

Our tour itinerary:

10.30 am – Registration at the Rezt n Relax Interior office
11.00 am – Bus leaving for Yishun
11.30 am – Completed reno project tour proper
01.30 pm – Bus departing from Yishun back to the office
02.00 pm – Promo talk at our showroom by our executive Director Wilson Teh

As an added agenda, our Executive Director made a short trip to the Cellini showroom for our guests to see their wonderful furniture collection before the guests were guided to our showroom for a brief promo talk.

It was such a successful event that we have decided to do this often so do watch out for the next one very soon!














Showroom talk for BTO homeowners

Last Saturday, we had an invitation for all new BTO homeowners to join us in our exclusive showroom talk. Our Managing Director provided some tips on how homeowners can achieve a semi-imported kitchen. Additionally, a special promo package was awaiting all our guests!

Mr Teh covered topics on what are the usual worries of homeowners who seek to have home renovation and interior design. He provided answers on hidden costs, design matters and workmanship issues. He also imparted some advices on how to deal with these issues.

Moreover, Wilson educated the guests on what are the basic rules in renovating whether a specific structure in the house can be hacked away or not. He has also shared with the guests the different layouts of modern HDB houses today. He specifically zoomed in on how you can improve your kitchen and some design concepts as well.

In the end, all guests walked away better informed than before they joined us. Some went home with the exclusive package we were only offering that day! We will continue to do more showroom talks in the future so please do watch for updates.

IMAG0906 IMAG0909 IMAG0912 IMAG0917 IMAG0922 IMAG0926

An Exclusive Interior Design Talk For Austville Residences

Final Austville Residences invitationLast  (30 November 2013 ) we just had our interior design talk “Get Your Beautiful New Home Design With Just 20K”.

This talk is exclusively only for homeowners of Austville Residences.

We managed to get 22 couples to attend the talk. We were having a full house event by this time and surprisingly there are many who also walk-in and join the event  that day of the talk.

The talk was delivered by our Managing Director, Wilson Teh.


He was sharing with the audience that Rezt & Relax has been 13 years in business, the many awards we have received and how we serve our customer.

Our LIFETIME WARRANTY and our special promotion for the event was discussed  also and the best part of the talk is informing everyone about the 20K package, that you can really have a new beautiful new home design with just 20k.

Managing Director, Wilson presented different projects from Canberra, Adora Green and Prive that has this special kind of  20K package.

Austville Residents looks satisfied and happy. Many of them has signed with us.  As you can see that there is a 1 on 1 discussion with our Interior Designers. This is how we will know what our client’s needs.

We don’t charge GST to our attendees who buy the package.

Plus, we give them a Yale Digital Safe box and FREE Defect Checking.
Plus we give them bulk purchase price and special price from our partners, that definitely will help our customers to save money.

The audience was very happy to learn about our promotion.Of course, every homeowners has unique needs for their home.

That’s why we have arranged our consultants and interior designers to stand by, so that every couple can have one on one detail discussion about their needs with our designers.



If you’re interested, we can have this talk again, just tell us from which residence are you 🙂

We’ll look forward to talk to you and answer your questions.


Case Study: Latest Project at Prive plus a Showroom Talk

Prive Condo just TOP on September 2013. However, our senior designer Glenn already has some projects to be done there.

This is one of our latest project in Prive.

Here are the 3D and Actual photos of the living room.

Interior design by Rezt 'n Relax of Singapore

The idea is to create a very modern living space. The majority color is dark gray.

This is how it looks like in actual photo:
Interior design by Rezt 'n Relax of Singapore

Here is the 3D photo of the dining room:

Interior design by Rezt 'n Relax of Singapore

Here is the Actual photo of the dining room.

The owner also like to have that squarish false ceiling and some beautiful lighting in the dining area.
Interior design by Rezt 'n Relax of Singapore

Here’s the 3D photo of the master bedroom.

The master bedroom also has private balcony attached to it.

Glenn uses some wallpaper to add some warm effect to the bedroom.

Interior design by Rezt 'n Relax of Singapore

Here’s the 3D photo of the kitchen:

Interior design by Rezt 'n Relax of Singapore


Here are some photos from the Open House of this unit:

IMG-20131106-WA0018   IMG-20131106-WA0012 IMG-20131106-WA0011   IMG-20131106-WA0005 IMG-20131106-WA0004   IMG-20131106-WA0003    IMG-20131106-WA0002   IMG-20131106-WA0001


If you’re interested to view this unit and our latest project in Prive, please click to contact us .

Complete Renovation Project Tour to Punggol and Interior Design Talk

Hi everyone,

How are you doing?

We just want to share with you our events in the last weekend.


On Saturday, we had Complete Renovation Project Tour to Punggol. This tour is open for public.

We know that you like to see beautiful houses and ask your questions to our designers.

So this time it’s a beautiful 4 room HDB Flat in Punggol.


Let’s take a look the photos from the tour.

What’s so good about this tour is that our guests can go around the house and ask questions directly to our designers.

If you want to renovate your house, isn’t it much better like this?

You can see some complete projects first and have a FREE discussion with the designers, before you even start engaging our service to renovate your house ^-^


One of the most favorite space in this house is the living room.


Another favorite area is the Master Bedroom.


Here’s the Dressing Room that is easily accessible from Master Bedroom.


Other area of the house:


Most of them also brings out their floor plan. So, they can plan ahead about the kind of design they want and discuss it with our designers on how to make it works in their home.

IMG_1427 IMG_1442   IMG_1469 IMG_1528

Below is our Managing Director, Wilson Teh, having a good time with one of our guest.


So, how about you? Do you want to join our next tour?

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On Sunday, we had Interior Design Talk “Get Your Beautiful New Home Design with Just $20K”.

As of now, this talk is only for homeowners of Minton, Adora Green, Prive, Canberra, Esparina Residence and ALL homeowners of CONDO, DBSS and EC that TOP in 2013 and 2014.

We have some special packages for you ^-^

If you’re interested, we’ll have this talk and discussion again on this coming Sunday (27 Oct 2013). Check out the details here!

Now, let’s take a look some photos from previous talk:

02 03

As usual, you can have 1 on 1 discussion with our Senior Designers.

2013-10-13 15.52.41 2013-10-13 15.56.34 2013-10-13 15.57.12 2013-10-13 15.57.17

Oh by the way, of course we also provide some foods and drinks for you ^-^


It’s all FREE and there is No Obligation at all ^-^

If you’re interested, we’ll have this talk and discussion again on this coming Sunday (27 Oct 2013).

We’ll look forward to talk to you and answer your questions.

Check out the details here!


If you have any comment or question, feel free to post it below.

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