Small Space, Big Solution: Keep It At Bay

Why Bay Windows Are No Longer Space-Wasters Most people would agree that bay windows are a waste of floor space. But there is a universal love-hate relationship towards bay windows hence how some houses have them and some don’t. Those who have to live with them, there are some smart ways on how to make […]

Which Interior Design Theme Suits You?

Everyone has their own taste and preference when it comes to design. It is reflective of the individual’s personality, lifestyle and how they perceive beauty. Neither one theme is better or more unique than the other. Each of the interior design themes has qualities that a specific person has inclination to. Some like it dramatic […]

Small Space, Big Solution: Wrecking Wall

How Hacking Can Make A Huge Difference A house has several areas with specific function and purpose. And in traditional setting, we separate them, quite literally, by using walls to identify each area. But the thing about walls is that they constrict your space especially in a country like Singapore where space is a luxury […]

Renovation Trends: USB Wall Sockets

Like any form of art, there are some interior designs that are simply timeless like a classic Victorian design. But just like any form of art too, interior design also relies on trends. And this year, the world of interior design predicts that homeowners are likely to get their homes to be more technologically friendly. […]

Renovation Guide: The Kitchen

Does your kitchen look run down and outdated? Has it become so messy and, eek, greasy that it has become an eye sore and instead of having the desire to cook you end up ordering takeaway food or worse sleep with an empty stomach? Here at Rezt ‘n Relax, we will try to walk you […]