Open House: 4-room BTO in Tampines

Our latest completed renovation for a 4-room BTO in Tampines was open for public viewing yesterday and everyone  got the opportunity to view it! This light and airy yet sophisticated renovated flat is perfect for those who are into the Scandinavian design.

We appreciate those who were able to join us! It would seem that apart from the Punggol and Yishun area, Tampines is also a hotspot for homeowners. We wish to do more open house in this area. Keep your fingers crossed!



Open House: 4-room BTO in Senja Road

At last! We were able to showcase one of our latest completed renovation projects from the west! We have been getting lots of request to do an open house to cater those who live in the west and we had finally had one!

Who says it’s not a good idea to mix different design elements in a house? This flat boasts a fusion of industrial, Scandinavian, and bits of modern and funky touches! And homeowners who came and visited us saw that different design elements can work perfectly well when done smartly!

Thank you to all who joined us yesterday. We also hope to do more open house in the west. Stay tuned!






Open House: 3-bedroom flat in RiverParc

Our series of 2-weekend open houses continued on with our latest completed renovation project at RiverParc last December 6 and 7. This 3-bedroom flat sports a hotel-like feel. It is quite evident that the homeowner has a more refined taste in interior and for everything that says luxurious.

We have accommodated about 40 couples who were really amazed by the interior and how it looks very different to any thing they have seen an any Singaporean home. We will once again welcome viewers this coming weekend to give those who missed another chance to view this luxurious house.

IMG-20141206-WA0030 IMG-20141206-WA0033 IMG-20141206-WA0034 IMG-20141206-WA0058

Open House: 4-room BTO in Yishun

Today, we did another open house for a BTO in Yishun. It’s a 4-room flat and this has been our first time to open this house for public viewing. We have received immense response with over 30 customers who have joined us with one lucky visitor who have won a free Yale digital lock!

We will be having more open houses so please do watch out for updates.

IMG-20141130-WA0000 IMG-20141130-WA0011 IMG-20141130-WA0002 IMG-20141130-WA0001

Open House: 4-room BTO flat in Yishun Greenwalk

Yesterday, October 26, we had another open house at the Yishun Greenwalk. BTOs are a hot topic these days and this is why we see to it do a BTO open house every now and then to give those expecting and excited homeowners a peak at how they can make their new house look better and be customized to their own lifestyle.

Additionally, our generous homeowners who have opened their house received a baby bonus from Rezt ‘n Relax as part of our special incentive for those who have just added another member of the family that will surely add so much joy to their newly renovated home!

IMG-20141026-WA0008 IMG-20141026-WA0005 IMG-20141026-WA0006 IMG-20141026-WA0007 IMG-20141026-WA0010