Boon Lay Wellness Centre by Sian Chay Medical Institution

Time and time again, Rezt n Relax Interior gives back to the society. We believe in the “pay it forward” principle and do it in whatever capacity you can, while you still can. Even the littlest deeds can hugely impact someone’s life.

And that is why we did not give it any second thoughts when we were approached to renovate a wellness centre out of pure goodwill. We hope that with the erection of this centre, the general public especially the elderly in this neighborhood will start and continually get the health care they deserve and that they can improve their quality of living.









Rezt & Relax Interior – Proudly CaseTrust-RCMA Accredited

PrintCaseTrust-RCMA introduced a new accreditation scheme for renovation companies as a continual push for integrity in the home improvement industry. Under the new accreditation scheme, affiliated renovation companies are required to purchase a performance insurance bond for customers, covered by AVA Insurance Brokers.

This allows downpayment to be insured. As such, CaseTrust-RCMA accredited renovation companies are the clear choice when renovating your home!

What does having CaseTrust-RCMA accreditation entail?
✓ Clear fee policies
✓ Fair dispute resolution
✓ Well-trained contractors
✓ Assessed on-site workmanship
✓ Overall better protection for homeowners

So, why choose a CaseTrust-RCMA accredited renovation company?

By choosing only CaseTrust-RCMA accredited companies, your money is protected because these companies are required to give homeowners insurance bond guaranteeing a 100% pay-back on their downpayment!


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Better protection for homeowners with insurance bond

Last year August, CaseTrust-RCMA signed a very important memorandum to collaborate in developing an accreditation scheme that will protect both the customers and contractors. Almost a year after, where exactly has it taken them so far?

Here are some FAQs that cover some of the core principles of the newly developed CaseTrust-RCMA accreditation scheme.

Q: What are the advantages of the insurance bond? What is the objective of its implementation?

A: Only CaseTrust accredited renovator in Singapore can provide 100% guarantee to its customers. This is a form of protection as well as assurance to customers. The CaseTrust accreditation scheme recognises renovation companies that are committed in maintaining high level of good business practices. In other words, renovation companies, which display the CaseTrust logo, guarantee commitment in putting their customers first and ensure that they are always fairly treated.


Q: Under what circumstances can the customer be able to call the bond?

A: The customer will need to file his/her complaint to CASE (Consumers Association of Singapore). The association has a distinct, well-structured redress system in place with properly defined dispute resolution process for both the renovator and the customer. The CASE Mediation Centre will conduct mediation session. CASE shall decide whether to call the bond after hearing the case.


Q: How long will the insurer take to pay if CASE decided to call the bond?

A: Approximately two (2) weeks with no question asked.


Q: Can non-CaseTrust accredited renovator purchase this bond?

A: No.


Q: Must the customer pay for the bond?

A: No.


Q: How does the customer know that he/she is being protected?

A: A bond certificate will be issued to them.

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Top 10 Stories of 2014

We have constantly fed our 30k Facebook fans with our [almost] daily posts for a whole year and we are very glad you are still engaged and interested in most, if not all of the stuff we share. Of course, there are some posts that don’t catch so much attention and that is fine and frankly normal. And then there are those several occasions where we are overwhelmed and at times caught off guard as to the extent of reception from you, our fans.

With that in mind, we have compiled from our over 360 posts the most “talked” about among them. We measure it by engagement from our fans quantified in post clicks, likes, comments and shares. Now, wouldn’t it be funny if in the end this post alone could surpass all of them? Well, who knows!

In the meantime, take a look back at the hottest stuff that set our Facebook page ablaze.

10) Monochromatic works perfectly for most. It’s sort of your go-to color scheme. It’s a safe and neutral choice. But why not throw in a splash of playfulness by adding some neon color? >>

Engagement: 6k

9) There’s always something attractive about wood. Maybe because it reminds us of nature and makes us feel we are one with it. >>

Engagement: 6.2k

8) Aren’t we all a tad curious how an interior designer’s house looks like? Well, we have one right here. As a matter of fact, we have done several open houses to this project already and it is quite evident why the public can’t get enough of it. >>

Engagement: 6.4k

7) Sometimes some little touch ups here and there are all you need to spruce up your humble abode. >>

Engagement: 6.8k

6) Bold is bold but sometimes simplicity works just fine. >>

Engagement: 6.8k

5) The earth tones of this flat give off a subdued but irresistible force that draws your eyes to take a closer inspection. You will soon realize that there’s nothing exaggerated about it. And that’s exactly the whole point…except perhaps that nifty TV wall that swivels! >>

Engagement: 8.1k

4) Jackson, one of our senior designers, is both the homeowner and the designer responsible in renovating this resale HDB flat. Would you believe it’s 40 years old? Look how it is today! >>

Engagement: 8.2k

3) Simplicity with a statement. This is our latest proposed 3D design for a DBSS unit in Yishun. >>

Engagement: 10k

2) Light and airy yet sophisticated. Our latest proposed 3D design where its HDB characteristics are almost completely absent. >>

Engagement: 10.2k

1) You’d think an HDB can’t look THIS GOOD that even without furnishings, you can’t help but get drawn to it and wish it was your house! >>

Engagement: 32.8k