Designer Profile: Tony Poh

Tony Poh found his calling in Interior Designing – Bidding the Soft Furnishing Industry farewell and joining Rezt and Relax Interior in 2017 he made a fast ascent to the top 5, coming in at 4th within the top 10 of the Company. His Professionalism and the level of trust he establishes with customers has […]

Designer Profile: Tony Teng

His natural inclination to creating and designing is what helped him pursue interior design. Tony believes that interior designing allows him to incorporate all of his strengths and skills. It’s been 5 years since he joined one of Singapore’s leading interior design firms Rezt & Relax. It took him a short time to reach senior […]

Designer Profile: Janice Wong

Art has always been something she is interested in. She in fact has great drawing skills and does calligraphy in her spare time plus her knowledge of how colors work is quite intuitive to her. Design and art are almost synonymous so it was just a natural progression for Janice to get herself into interior […]

Designer Profile: Alex Tan

Having already been with Singapore’s premier interior design company here at Rezt ‘ Relax for 5 years, Alex has set the standards for his fellow designers quite high. Twelve months was all he needed to get promoted to senior level. To stay in touch with what’s in, he keeps reading magazines like Ideal Home, Furniture […]

Designer Profile: JJ Yang

This young lad has already accomplished great things many of his contemporaries would envy. He has received honours and distinctions for his outstanding performance and awards for his works. He has a degree in Bachelor’s of Arts in Spatial Design at the University of Central Lancashire with Second Class Honours. He is also a graduate […]

Designer Profile: Shawn Haw

Highly personable Singapore-PR Shawn Haw is a senior designer who has been formally schooled in Malaysia. Back in his much younger days, he had a strong background in carpentry and site coordination that ultimately fostered his love for building homes and eventually designing them by means of encouragement from his brother who is a fellow […]

Designer Profile: Cynthia Lee

Formally schooled at the Universiti Sains Malaysia with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Cynthia has developed a sharp sense of understanding of how things work and how can she make them work when they seem to not work. With this heightened comprehension, it is now second nature to her to provide solution to a design […]

Top 9 Designers of 2013

2013 was a great year for Rezt ‘n Relax. It was a period of delightful success that was brought about by the blood and sweat of its passionate interior designers. And to especially honor those who have over-performed and exceeded the company’s and their personal expectations, here is the list of our Top 9 Designers […]

Designer Profile: Leonard Chung

  The life of a designer is built on trust given for his creativity. A designer is never born. Their good reputation takes years to build. But it all starts with formal education rooted from a natural interest in designing. There are things that are cheap but in life, quality does come at a price. […]

Designer Profile: Stuart Yee

Stuart Yee grew up in the vibrant metropolis of Kuala Lumpur. He went to Taylor’s College before earning his diploma at the Inti International University College. Formally educated as an engineer, Mr Yee has developed a sharp attention to details, which would later on be an important skill to his passion. He straight away landed […]